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    Sqrool Limited
    We feel pleasure to Immerse in IT and happy to provide solutions

    As a leading software development company,

    we offer the best services based on creativity and experience.

Welcome To Our Sqrool Limited

Sqrool started up in 2013, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since.

From our beginnings as a small software company to one of the Leading software Companies in Africa Based in Nairobi Kenya, dealing with sophisticated software design and development using the latest technologies.

Our goal is automating all the processes and providing easy to use and top notch service to all our clients

Qualified Team

Our company is comprised of the best programmers.

Quality Control

We pay a lot of attention to quality control and assurance.

Clean Code

Every line of code in our products is written simple and clean.

Great Ideas

Our team always generates amazing and creative ideas.

More About Us

With the High demand of automating Most of the tasks Done by corporates Improving Delivery and transparency whilst maximising Security, We at Sqrool are there to ensure these is done very Effectively. Endpoint Security, Firewalls, Operating systems, Document Processing Software's Banks, SMES, Hospitals, Airlines, Saccos, Telecoms e.t.c We always ensure that you have a smile when you hear someone mention Sqrool.

While the responsibilities of government organizations are diverse, Sqrool is dedicated to provide software solutions to help them deliver quality services in their line-of-business, Computer Security, Data management as well other Work activities Maintaining high level of response and VIP treatment to all our clients . Be it Schools, Counties, Offices and any Government organisations we are there to provide our Services.

Why Choose Us

Sqrool Limited has over 8 years of experience in turning our clients’ ideas into successful software solutions that meet their business requirements.
Our company is 100% reliable in every way. Our clients appreciate the high level of data protection when it goes to creating apps and software for their devices.
All our software is designed with top-notch results in mind. We see our main task in providing the results you want from us and we have been successfully doing it since day one.

We ARE Modern We ARE Professional We ARE Passionate We Deliver and We are Ready to
Work, Partner or Support you and your Business.

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Our Clients

Partners We Work With

We work with lots of corporate customers located worldwide. Some of our clients became our partners and joined our loyalty program that allows getting more from our professional software.